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What is the Difference between Canva Free & Canva Pro? is quickly becoming a readily available, and easily accessible templated design program for small business, students, and creators alike. Canva's mission is to make design available to everyone, no matter economic status, region, technological availability, or skill level. Canva is mobile friendly, tablet friendly, and desktop friendly so you can sit down and create at your desk or while you are on the go.

Should I use Canva Free or Canva Pro?

That depends. If you are ready to hit the ground running, are committed to consistent content creation, or taking your marketing into your own hands is on your agenda it's definitely something you should look into! If you are just looking to learn the system and get your feet wet, maybe the basic is the right choice for you at the moment.

Canva Free Features

- Access to over 250,000 free design templates

- 100+ different types of designs (Social Posts, Presentations, Flyers & More!)

- Hundreds of free Stock images, videos, & elements

- Collaboration with Team members

- Comment & Communicate within designs in real time

- 5GB of Cloud Storage

Canva Pro Features

- Everything in Canva Free plus...

- 100+ Million stock Photos, Video, Elements, Audio & More

- 610,000+ Templates with new additions daily

- Use of Brand Kits, Up to 100!

- Background Remover Tool

- Easy Resize for multiple use cases with Magic Resize Tool

- 100 GB of Cloud Storage

- Content Planner Feature to easily schedule out your content for up to 8 platforms!

- QR Creator, Photo Editor & Filter, & Much More

How does Canva impact my marketing?

No matter if you are a master DIY-er or ready to set it and forget it, Canva is designed to have something for everyone. Take control of your social media and marketing presence by creating resources for yourself and your clients. Everything from property posts to a happy birthday graphic is possible in this platform. Not having access to user friendly design software is no longer an excuse, get ready to customize your brand and your marketing with Canva. Create a FREE account today at

Where does Danberry step in?

Our Agent Services, Technology, Design House, & Social Media teams are all trained in the basics of Canva. If you have a free account and are just looking to have a few questions answered, we've got your back.

Looking to be a little more involved? We've got that covered too.

RENDER by Design House

This new social media content creation program is powered by Canva. At launch over 230+ custom created, locally centered and researched designs will be included in addition to a local stock library, and a complimentary Canva Pro membership!

Learn more today about the Render program and if it is right for you!

*Information about Canva & Canva Pricing sourced from on 12/8/2021.

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