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MVP Home Services

Maumee Valley Professional Services is a Toledo, Ohio based business that was started in 2018 to provide clients a with top-notch experience and products specializing in deep cleaning, floor care, and now offering landscaping, painting, and handyman services.


Through their own personal experience, the owners of MVP realized that it's hard to find good people that do good work, and even harder to get on their schedules.  MVP Specializes in the kind of projects that you want to hire a pro to handle but don't because you aren't sure who to call, don't have the time or patience to deal with multiple contractors, or just simply don't have the time to do on your own. In a real estate buy or sell environment we can work for either or both parties to help identify issues that can be corrected before or after the sale.


Landscaping  |  Home Repair  |  HVAC / Furnace  |  Cleaning Services


For Sellers: We can assist with things like pre-listing cleaning and odor removal or take care of maintenance items that you just haven't had the time or ability to get to yet that would really help sell your home quicker and for more money. 


For Buyers: We can come in after you've bought your dream house and really help make it feel like your home by painting, landscaping, and getting you moved in and settled as quickly as possible.


For Landlords & Property Managers: We know how busy you can be! When was the last time one of your tenants left your apartment, house, or condo a wreck? How much time and resources did you have to invest just in order to get it ready to list again? We offer specialized commercial pricing and scheduling to get your rentals full of happy clients!


For Everyone: MVP is for everyone! We are glad to help anyone in need of any of the services we offer regardless of your situation.


Ready to get started?

Does MVP offer this service?


  • Minor roof repairs including replacing rotted decking & shingles – under 200 sq ft, flashing, and vents

  • Gutter installation

  • Minor plumbing repairs including changing fixtures, valves, water heaters, repairing minor leaks at supply and drain lines, installing dishwashers, installing sump pumps, and running supply/drain lines for refrigerators and utility sinks

  • Minor electrical repairs including changing fixtures, adding/removing/moving outlets and switches, installing GFCI outlets, replacing defective breakers, terminating loose wires, installing proper junction boxes when needed, and circuit testing

  • Flooring installation including carpet, laminate, LVP/LVT, tile, engineered wood, epoxy, floor leveling

  • All interior and exterior painting and staining projects

  • Drywall, plaster, and stucco repairs

  • Epoxy injection into foundation wall cracks

  • Siding repairs

  • Power washing

  • Minor waterproofing

  • Carpentry services including door installation, window sash/sill repair/replacement, trim installation, custom cabinetry, custom tables and benches, interior and exterior rot repair, Fascia repair/replacement

  • Custom countertops – concrete, laminate, epoxy, butcher block, and stone

  • Concrete crack sealing, leveling, and minor concrete repairs

  • Minor brick and tuck-point work

  • Metal coil work

  • Landscaping services including design, installation, pruning, trimming, clean ups, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, mulch/stone installation

  • Full kitchen remodeling

  • Full bathroom remodeling

  • Full basement finishing

  • HVAC system cleaning and maintenance

  • Replacing broken windowpanes and thermal seals

  • Appliance installation

  • Clean out and disposal services

  • Professional carpet, tile, rug, and stone cleaning

  • Maid services including basic maintenance and deep cleaning

  • FHA, HUD, VA, and USDA inspection repairs

  • Home maintenance such as replacing furnace filters, bulbs, and other service-interval products

  • Deodorization treatments

  • Thermal imaging service



  • Install fences or decks

  • Replace electrical panels – Recommend Perrysburg Electrical

  • Install a whole house full of windows (but will replace or repair up to 2 per 1000 ft2 of living space) – Recommend Dunright Buidling

  • Major waterproofing that would require heavy equipment – Recommend Seagate

  • Remove trees near homes or power lines - 

  • Major concrete or hardscape projects – Recommend Kubacki Masonry

  • Build additions onto homes – Recommend Sean Patrick or Pete Huffman

  • Build garages or sheds exceeding 10x10 - Recommend Sean Patrick or Pete Huffman

  • Major structural work (minor work including rotted sill plates we take on a case by case basis) - Recommend Sean Patrick or Pete Huffman

  • HVAC system replacement – Recommend Bob’s, Vintage, can help manage 3rd party as part of a larger project scope. 

  • Refinish hardwood floors – Recommend Perrysburg Hardwood Floors or Harms

  • Foundation leveling

  • Retaining walls

  • Install garage doors or operators – Recommend Darkinson or Quality

  • Full roof projects (we can handle repairs and can sub out full jobs for ease of billing)

  • Full siding projects – recommend Dunright Building

  • Environmental services relating to toxic materials – recommend Midwest Environmental

If there is a question ever about any services we provide or exclude, we are always happy to help. Advice is always free.

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