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Creating the Perfect Social Media Plan, for YOU!

Social media for many can be confusing, overbearing, and often finds itself as a neglected tool in marketing. We see this most often when people try and fit themselves into a one-size-fits-all social media solution. If you are ready to start out this year with you running your social media instead of it running you, we are here and ready to help!

Think about your social media plan like a birthday party invitation. Silly, maybe? Does it work? We hope, LOL. When you are considering planning out your social media think about the following things: who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how?

Who are you posting for?

If you are posting on social media just to put something out there, and yes, we have all been there, you are wasting the opportunity to connect with your fans and also running the risk of driving them away. Make sure when you are posting you are posting with a purpose. If there is no audience in mind for your post, don't post it. If you cannot think of a single type of person that may find your post useful or entertaining it is the equivalent of social media junk mail. When creating or selecting a pre-made template, have an audience in mind.

Remember, you very well may have multiple types of audiences following your page. You could have friends, family, fellow agents, competitors, potential clients, first time home buyers, people who are ready to downsize, the list goes on and on. Sometimes you may have a post that hits multiple groups (these are often the most successful) other times it may just be a few. Both are important in their own right. You do not want to leave a certain type feeling neglected or like maybe you aren't the right expert for them. Just keep this in mind as you create your content.

What are you posting?

Do you like to post videos, text, images, links, blogs, or any other type of media? It's okay to not check every box but knowing what types of media you like to share is a great place to start. Also consider the following categories when deciding what type of content to post.

Business - Just Listed, Just Sold, Coming Soon, Price Adjustments, Open Houses, Awards, Leadership Status, Testimonials and More

Business Resources - Tools & Services you can Offer, Terms & Definitions, Buyers & Sellers Tips & Tricks, and other Home, Mortgage, Loan, and real estate centered content

Holidays - Major Holidays, Holidays you personally acknowledge or celebrate, National Days & Months

Community Resources - Schedules, Lists, Guides, Local Holidays, Local Shopping and Adventures and more

Depending on who you've decided you will be posting for, your equation could look different. We recommend about an 80/20 split of posts being resourceful (80) and help driven and the other posts being more about you, your business and it's successes (20). This is not a hard and fast rule though, if you have a month of great successes, post away! Or if it has not been as productive business wise, find some great resources to share.

When will you post?

Consistency is the key. Only commit to what you can handle. If you can only make 1-2 posts a week then that's the goal to set. If you think you can handle more like 2-3 posts a week that is great to. 1 post a week is what we would consider a minimum, and no more than 4 posts a week at maximum.

Where will you post?

What social media platforms are you using? The most common amongst our agents are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can use as many or as few as you like. We are finding that the most commonly searched by consumers is at the moment Facebook and Instagram. Below are why people are searching out those platforms. No matter what you choose to post on, Make sure you do it consistently.

Facebook - Usually the most common "replacement" for a website if one is not available. Looked at for reviews, recent activity, and for business information such as hours.

Instagram - Very picture based, usually looked at by a younger group of buyers, important that visuals have the most weight, Instagram Reels is big

LinkedIn - Stats and professional resources based. Often does well with blogs and other analytical pieces

Why will you post?

What conditions have to be met for you to make a post? Every person's why should be a little different! Do you like to share every time you have a closing? Is your favorite sport soccer? Do you just have a hack for organization? Look at your business, your passions, and your people and let that help decide your why's. When you know what your important why's are you can start building in the steps to make sure they happen into your normal routines. (Picture at closing, picture while you are out visiting coffee shops, etc.)

How will you post?

There are a million different ways to attack this and not all of them are perfectly right or perfectly wrong. The best answer is what works for you. If posting as you need a post on the fly from your phone apps is the best way, do it! If you like using the business creator suite in Facebook and scheduling ahead, you've got this!

As a Danberry Agent you do have access to the Render Program from $25 to up to $150, depending on the plan you choose. This plan was designed with the who, what, when, where, why, and how in mind. Can you have a successful social media account without a paid plan? You can! What is the benefit of paying for a program such as render? It saves you the time and brain power to put toward other areas of your business, like selling houses!

Questions? We are happy to help! Shoot us an email at or fill out a contact us form down below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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